Saturday, March 27, 2010

Status Update!

alright, let me tell you what will be happening this week. Henry was supposed to release the 3rd episode sometime right after we released episode 2 instead of yesterday. because of this and setbacks I've caused, We're a bit behind schedule. Episode 4 is supposed to come out tomorrow, but we haven't even recorded it yet. Still, I wanted episode 5 to come out on easter, so here's the plan.

We will record both episodes soon. Then, on Wednesday, We'll release episode 4, and on Sunday we'll release episode 5. it will be normal schedule from then on. So, I'll see you sometime in the future that isn't this moment in time! unless I'm in your house...

...YEAH! so I'll see ya!

Friday, March 26, 2010

3- A Rat

a Rat!

Our heroes find something suspicious about the CEO of Atomic Soda, George Benson. What is this manager up to?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

2-The First Episode: Part 2

It may be late, but it's still here! Hans and Michael continue on their exiting journey to find the director. but where will the quest lead them?

Second Episode Finished!

FINALLY! Okay, everyone, I know the wait was long, but episode 2 is finally ready! Now, don't blame Michael for any of this, this was all my fault. And, you won't have to wait this long again. In fact, we're releasing episode 3 SUPERDUPEREARLY! you heard me: SUPERDUPEREARLY! and every episode afterward will be out on normal time.

again, I'm really sorry for the delay, and I hope you enjoy the episode!

Pop's Quality Oats ad #1

heres the Pop's quality oats ad!

Bland old Oat meal getting you down? Then don't hesitate to pick up a box of Pop's quality oatmeal!

Monday, March 8, 2010

A new life in suburbia!

Americans have been flocking to suburbia the mass exodus of people is shocking New York itself lost almost 100,0000 people already everyone is trying to find a way into that perfect life away from the city the community of Glowing acres has already sold every one of there new homes so come on out America and enjoy the wonder of two and a half trees on every house and a built in color television!

Vacation in the city of Atlantis!

Sometimes the world just gets too hectic for us with cars and trains and airplanes from pollution and congestion don't you think its about time to get away well now you can thanks to Praxis we are offering you a new chance to start anew in a brand new metropolis of epic proportions with advanced plexi glass windows and sturdy stone and marble design the city of Atlantis is guaranteed not to break apart its almost 100% safe and with award winning art deco designs by some of our greatest designers of our time when visiting enjoy the wonder beautiful underwater gardens and majestic deep sea views then go spend a evening shopping at the Shop -O- Rama with a trolley car system and room for bicycles its the perfect location to visit for just window shopping then stay at the beautiful Triton Suites luxury hotel or if planning to move please feel free to choose our many luxurious options of luxury housing for all price ranges learn more at your local Praxis showroom.

"Experience life again at Atlantis"

this message was brought you by the city of Atlantis tourist department.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2nd episode being recorded!

I know I know. I'm so late. But I've been really busy lately, honest! So, as a treat, We're going to release the 3rd episode along with the 2nd! This post isn't that long, but that's because my hands are sore from typing. and writing. and peeling various species of bananas.