Monday, November 22, 2010

Big News!

Hey guys! Sorry for our leave of absence, but we have been planning something big. Something incredible. And stuff.

So, let me first summarize my understanding of the show: The podcast was originally intended to be 52 episodes and released weekly so that it would run an entire year. We ran into setbacks because of school, but the entire plotline had already been planned out. There's just one thing about the show: It's not very good. Yeah, that's true. The writing is alright, but the acting, effects and quality is horrible. I know this. So, if you thought the show WAS good, prepare to have your mind blown...

Currently in preproduction is the feature-length HAM Radio Movie!

The title will be "Hans and Micheal's Daring Venture", and it will be based off of the entire plotline planned for the podcast. Oh, and catch this, it will actually be GOOD! It will be made well, as best as we can.

Fans of the show, I hope you're exited about this. I may be giving you updates on production of the film, so stay tuned!


  1. i liked the old episodes, don't say they are horrible!
    and is the movie going to be just you talking because i find it'll be long to just listen to a movie and not seeing anything..

  2. No it will involve acting and sets all that good stuff the old episodes thwey werent bad but they were corny but that was the point but it would be much better if you could see it no matter how bad it is