Sunday, June 26, 2011

Hans and Michael's Daring Ventures!

Hello all! This is Hans with some great news! Me and Michael are currently working on the new revamped HAM radio, now a series called "Hans and Michael's Daring Ventures"! This is very exiting, because it is many times better than the original HAM Radio! We are trying out a lot of new things and have a much clearer vision of what we're doing than we did before. The plotline which we had worked out for the original series will be presented in a three-part premier episode called "The Mystery of the Missing Director".

It's still in the writing process. We won't be trying to stick to a schedule anymore, because that was a horrible system. Instead, we will release an episode when said episode is finished, and each will be much higher in quality than previous.

Many exiting adventures await, so stick around!

Also, the website redesign is not quite finished, and I need to work out a few issues. See you folks later!