Sunday, May 30, 2010


My evil plans are working! No, seriously, the episodes are coming great. I'll record and send out Episode 7 as soon as possible. Is there a point to this post? Well, not really. I just wanted you all to know that I'm doing my best to get back on schedule. Also, I'm having our webmaster, Henry, make some improvements to our iTunes page. We were being somewhat unspecific towards our viewers as we have seen.

Also, I'm finally going to tell everyone of my plans for the future. Sometime from now, I will take all the best episodes of the series and animate them into mini movies! it will be awesome! Are you exited?!? YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH! well, I'll see you all later. Bye!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

6- suspicious persons

Our heroes arrive in Phoebus, the city in the sky, to find that they are wanted by the police. Will they make it out alive?

no, seriously, the webmaster here hasn't listened to it yet.

also, to the guy on iTunes, H.A.M. stands for Hans and Michael

episode 6

Friday, May 28, 2010

5-Double Agents

Hans and Michael, while still figuring this daring mystery, out become suspicious of each other to be the kidnappers. Are either of our heroes really working for the bad guys?

Episode 5

Monday, May 17, 2010


So, uh, the 5th episode is on the way and the 6th episode is being edited! I'd like you all to know that H.A.M. Radio is now on facebook and twitter! it's really exiting, huh? also, I'd like you all to know I've started up a webcomic! Excellent Nonsense. So, I'll see you all later! bye!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Story time with Michael Part 2

The Hendersons and roger waited for a long time until they couldn't live in the shelter no longer the shelter said it was safe to go outside and he was scared not abot what is outside but what is in their future this world is changed no more life like they knew it no more Tv shows radio shows civilized life is gone and they all knew it Roger opened the door too the Shelter and was in shock at the wreck before him there was a vast landscape of suburban life burned too a crisp many who were outside had there image burnt into the walls of the homes that were left the world was like a window shattered into a billion pieces there was nothing left too live for but he knew there must be survivors he and the Henderson's explored the house Roger once lived in there was barley anything left but some furniture tons of burnt books a TV that was left behind and still working! ... "America this is your president and I have too admit that by now many of you are leaving your shelters and be advised to remain calm and civilized this world may be shattered but it is repairable so do not worry army vans and the red cross are being dispacthed across the nation to help everyone in need please stay were you are and remain calm that is all for now the Henderson's looked to Roger his house may be ruined but its is repairable roger started placing things back where they were dusting things fixing parts and etc then he brought some things up from the shelter some homes were still up there was hope and even though the world was broken you can always make something beautiful out of it like a mosaic.